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Selling Your Home - Why it Pays to Use a REALTOR®

Before selling your home, you will need a clear understanding of the legal issues and potential pitfalls. One wrong action could result in a lot of cost and frustration, which is why it is essential to have a REALTOR® working with you, as he or she will make the sale of your home a successful and satisfying experience.

Greater exposure

REALTORS® use the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) to give your home maximum exposure. MLS® is a computer-based system that relays valuable information about your home to hundreds of REALTORS® and potential homebuyers.

Setting a price

Setting a price for your home is an important but difficult process. Again, this is where the services of a REALTOR® prove invaluable. REALTORS® have the experience to help you understand how the market works and decide upon a realistic price that meets your goals. REALTORS® also pre-screen potential buyers to make sure only those who are serious and financially qualified view your home.

REALTORS® will also develop a marketing plan to help your property receive maximum exposure. This will likely include placing your home on the MLS® system and placing a "For Sale" sign on the front lawn. The plan will likely also include arranging open houses for other REALTORS® and potential buyers, and developing advertisements and feature sheets/mailers to market your home.

Once you have accepted an offer to buy your home, your REALTOR® will help ensure that all the proper paperwork is completed. He or she will also make sure that both parties meet the necessary conditions outlined in the agreement.

Why working with a REALTOR® makes sense

When you work with a REALTOR® you will likely get a better price for your home than if you try to sell it yourself. Apart from the financial benefits, however, there is an extra measure of comfort and security that comes from having a REALTOR® on your side. Remember that REALTORS® are governed by a code of ethics and standards of business practice. They have also been trained and licensed under the Wisconsin Department of Professional Standards to assist in transactions involving real property. When it comes to buying or selling property, using a REALTOR® just makes sense.

My Blueprint To Market & Sell Your Property

  • Research property values by studying recently sold properties, analyzing expired listings and reviewing properties currently on the market.
  • Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis(CMA).
  • Obtain tax information and legal description from Gogebic County.
  • Suggest an appropriate pricing strategy based on analysis and seller desires.
  • Recommend possible repairs or improvements to yield highest price.
  • Explain seller costs and net proceeds.
  • Discuss exclusions and personal property.

12 Point Marketing Plan

  • num-01-grey

    Develop a buyer persona specific to your property

    * Location, Age, Income, Home Buying Experience, Family Size, Common Interests/Hobbies, Amenities, etc

  • num-02-grey

    SWOT Analysis of Property

    * Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

  • num-03-grey

    Digital Marketing Toolkit: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

    * Photos, videos, and text highlighting strengths of property
    * Facebook and LinkedIn Sponsored Ad

  • num-04-grey

    Print Media

    * Lakeland Times,, Up North Home Showcase

  • num-05-grey

    Shorewest website

    * Your home will be on the Shorewest Realtors website

  • num-06-grey

    Virtual Tour Online

    * Zillow, Facebook, LinkedIn

  • num-07-grey

    Professional Grade Marketing Tools

    * Shorewest Realtors eMarketing Resources
    * Ad templates, Brochures, Post Cards, Flyers, Social Media, Virtual Tours, Websites

  • num-08-grey

    Immediate Notification of new listing and change of listing information

    * All agents in my office and region receive immediate new listing and change of listing information

  • num-09-grey

    Prospective Buyers

    * Aggressive follow-up with prospective buyers

  • num-10-grey

    On-Going Communication

    * Follow up with phone calls, listing analysis emails, and buyer feedback on your timeline

  • num-11-grey

    Photos Sell Properties

    * Aerial drone photos, professional interior photos

  • num-12-grey

    Listing in Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan

    * Your home will be listed in the Northwoods MLS along with UP of Michigan MLS to expand exposure to surrounding cities and states