What Effect Does Bedroom Space Have on List Price?

The graph below shows the difference the number of bedrooms has on the average list price. The number of bedrooms has a significant impact on the list price and is one of the most important to a potential buyer. What is considered a legal bedroom:

  1. Minimum of 80 square feet
  2. Must measure at least 7 feet in any horizontal direction
  3. Must have two means of egress or two exits
  4. Minimum ceiling height must be 7 feet for at least half of the bedroom ceiling
  5. The window opening must be 5.7 square feet
  6. There must be a heat source (not a space heater) and a window or AC option

Source: UPAR MLS 12-5-21 Gogebic County Gogebic County January 2021-November 2021

By correctly marketing the number of bedrooms, a seller can attract the right buyer. Having the correct number of bedrooms can also maximize the full potential of a property. Contact me for a free market analysis on your property. I can talk you through the process and make sure all bedrooms are accounted for and offer marketing ideas for those rooms that did not make the criteria.